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Jógvan Gregersen

Jógvan Gregersen

Managing Director
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Skype: vadhorn
Jens Kristian Rasmussen

Jens Kristian Rasmussen

Chief Administrative Officer
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Skype: jkr-vadhorn
Súni F. Olsen

Súni F. Olsen

Chief Financial Officer
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Skype: roysni
Bergur Gregersen

Bergur Gregersen

Logistics & Sales
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Agent in Italy
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"The owners are known to be adaptive to changes in the business and are always ready to make the necessary changes"

Vaðhorn was founded in 1973 because of low production of brosmer (Brosme brosme).
The main market for brosmer was Italy which only had a small demand for salted brosmer. But as demands increased, the lack of raw material and production was becoming obvious and meant that the original founders took on the business of salting cod and ling.
These products were exported to the same markets as the brosmer, and quickly gained interest among the public.

Old Vaðhorn logo
- The old Vaðhorn logo
Old photo of drysalting

In the early days the fish was produced in the traditional way: The dry salted production. But as the years passed and development made it possible to work with brine injection, Vaðhorn changed the production from dry to wetsalted. This change, along with the aggressive sales team, meant that Vaðhorn started to establish itself as one of the major players in the saltfish market.

The original owners and founders sold their shares and todays owners are Jógvan Gregersen and Jens Martin Knudsen. Both renowned for their respective early days.
Jógvan being in the business for several years and Jens Martin working in the business alongside his footballing career, where he made quite a name for himself.
Vaðhorn is known to be very adaptive to changes in the business and always ready to make the necessary changes to stay in front and keep the business running. This could be seen in 2007, when most of the fisheries in the Faroe Islands were going downhill and catching less and less fish. They decided, as the first ones, to invest in a thawing tub, that gave them the possibility to buy frozen fish from all over the world. Later, in 2009, they chose to increase the production capacity and built a new building to expand production. This was all being made, while most of the world around them was being hit by one of the biggest financial crisis the world had ever seen. Once again, they pushed on, and came out on top. Today, Vaðhorn has two thawing tubs, and has one of the biggest production capacities of white fish in the Faroe Islands. Their way of pushing on and always keeping the company in mind has given them a great reputation on the market. Today, Vaðhorn is regarded as one of the best in the business, with a fantastic team that always keeps quality in mind.

Faroe Islands Aerial photograph
- Aerial photograph of the Faroe Islands

The waters surrounding the Faroe Islands are considered to be one of the cleanest and most fruitful water in the world, at least for the Cod. For centuries, people have been fishing these waters for it’s extremely high quality Cod. The Basques even traveled all the way from the bay of Biscay to the banks around the Faroe Islands. They quickly found out, that the cod in these waters was something special. The taste, the flavor, the looks, and the story all made for a fantastic product.

In the old times, when freezing capacity was nonexistent, and food quickly started rotting, they needed an option for conserving the food. In the old roman empire they had developed a method of salting meat, this method was also tested in the fresh cod fished around the Faroe Islands, and surely enough, even though they didn’t know it back then, they had laid the first brick in what would become the best Bacalao in the world.

Of course, the production today is different from back then, but the product, this fantastic, tasty and beautiful salted cod, is more or less the same. The Basques, that started salting this fish in the ancient days, started somewhat of a revolution. Today they, and everybody else, all over the world, are able to buy the Bacalao from Vaðhorn, a company with more than 45 years of experience in Bacalao.

That’s why we can say

“Quite possibly the best Bacalao in the world”

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  • Established

    Vaðhorn was established the 29th of April in 1973 in Eiði. Vaðhorn was in the beginning primarily working with wetsalted Brosme fillets.


  • Skála

    In 1984 after 11 years the facilities was too small, and Vaðhorn moved to a bigger factory in Skála.


  • Strendur

    In 1992 Vaðhorn moved too Strendur, where we are today.


  • Company of the year

    In 2003 Vaðhorn was recognized for its consistency in excellence and was chosen “Company of the year” on the Faroe Islands.


  • Frozen raw material

    To meet our customers demands, Vaðhorn started working saltfish from frozen raw material in 2007.


  • New factory

    Our strategy is to have a product of the highest quality. In 2009 we built a bigger factory in Strendur, to meet the quality standards.


  • Toftir

    The production includes both wetsalted, dry-salted, fillets and splitted fish, primarily from Cod, Brosme and Ling. In the production there is a difference between splitted and fillets. That is why we in 2011 rented the saltfish factory in Toftir. In the following years all our splitted production was in Toftir.


  • Record breaking year

    After 20 years at Hulkavegur 15 in Strendur the production grew to a staggering 6.220 tonne in 2012. Making it a record breaking year. Vaðhorn now has approximately 100 workers in both Vaðhorn Strendur and Vaðhorn Toftir.


  • Leaving Toftir

    Vaðhorn is now back to producing only at the factory in Strendur, but has kept most of the workers from the factory in Toftir.


  • Production and revenue record

    Recordbreaking year for Vaðhorn in production and revenue. The production passed 6.400 tonne and the revenue finished on 200 million DKK (approx. 26,8 million EUR).
    Vaðhorn even changed the logo to represent the year of change. The logo now proudly shows that we have been producing quality saltfish since 1973.